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"Shoya" is conveniently located in front of Isawa Onsen Station.
Aiming to be thorough in maintaining peace of mind in food safety, we use domestically produced vegetables with no chemical residue, and serve fresh food: from standard Japanese-style bar menus such as sashimi, finger food, deep-fried food, and grilled food, to selected noodles and rice dishes. Wines from Yamanashi-prefecture, and local sake (rice wine) are also served.

This is an outside view.

This is our room floored with tatami mats.

This is a view of the counter and inside of the restaurant.

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    Okimori Hasshu Sankanmori (Sashimi platter)

    Eight kinds of sashimi fish, including tuna, as a main item. It is also a part of fun to see different offerings depending on that day's arrival of fish to the market.
    1,449 yen

    Horse-meat sashimi

    Horse-meat sashimi has a soft and refined flavor, and goes very well with local sake (rice wine). We recommend it eaten together with condiments, such as grated garlic and/or ginger.
    714 yen

    Skewered Roast combination (5 skewers)

    A set of 5 skewers of green onions and meat, thigh meat, chicken meat balls, gristle, and chicken wing. You can choose between salt-flavored and sweetened spicy sauce.
    861 yen

    Fried potatoes (marinated in beer yeast prior to deep frying)

    As potatoes are marinated in beer yeast overnight before being deep fried, you will enjoy crispness even after they get cold. This is a fast appetizer that you might want to order first with drinks.
    441 yen

    Clams sautéed in butter

    A popular item that is a superb blend of soup from kelp, flavorful butter, and clams' original taste. This goes very well with white wines.
    577 yen


    Jo (First class) sushi assortment  880 yen

    Salad with roasted calamari  550 yen

    Omelet roll cooked with soup stock  500 yen

    Surprise minced meat cutlets (with cheese)  590 yen

    Kani meshi (Rice with crab and vegetables served in a small pot)  580 yen





176-1 Isawacho Matsumoto, Fuefuki-shi


Nearest I.C.

Misaka interchange

Nearest station

Isawa Onsen Station

Nearest highway bus stop


Nearest bus stop

Isawa Onsen Station




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5:00 PM through 12:30 AM (Last order 12:00)

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