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You can enjoy seasonal mini-mini-dons, seasonally changing sweets, and in-season cuisine at our relaxed restaurant featuring Japanese style architecture. A waterfall runs in the garden, and we grow over 100 hydrangeas, wild cherry blossoms, wild maples, and camellias. Please enjoy the different views of our gardens with each season.

An exterior view of the restaurant.

A relaxed interior view of the restaurant.

Please enjoy the refined view of our garden.

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    Seasonal Mini-Mini-Don

    Our popular menu that changes by the season. You can enjoy 9 types of in-season flavors such as tempura, okowa (sticky rice), steamed egg custard, and sweets. The brilliant presentation is also one of our secrets to the dish's popularity.
    1,000 yen


    We use buckwheat grown in our own Heidi farm. We mill and make our own soba in-store to make authentic soba.
    1,200 yen


    Wouldn't you like to taste Yamanashi's local food "Houtou" while listening to the pure droplets of falling water? We include plenty of vegetables and chewy noodles in our miso-based soup.
    1,100 yen and up

    Boiled Abalone

    Koshu specialty abalone marinated in soy sauce. The abalone is sliced, so please enjoy this dish as if you were eating sashimi. Try a traditional taste of Yamanashi.
    1,400 yen

    Kikyoushingen Anmitsu

    Our anmitsu (agar jelly cubes with red bean and fruits) that uses Yamanashi favorite "Kikyoushingenmochi" is a popular dish for customers of all ages. This dish is limited for Kikyo-ya retail store.
    480 yen


    Stone Pot Bibimbap (different types) 780 yen and up

    Omurice with Tamari Soy Sauce 800 yen

    Miraculous Croquette 320 yen

    Stamina Kimchi Porridge 880 yen

    Tomato Juice with Malt Drink 370 yen





Kikyouya Main Factory, 1928 Tsuboi, Isawa-cho, Fuefuki-shi


Nearest I.C.

Ichinomiya-Misaka Interchange

Nearest station

Isawa-onsen Station

Nearest highway bus stop


Transportation details

10 minutes by taxi from JR Isawa-onsen Station






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Suikin Chado Ichimiya Store

Telephone number


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Opening Days

Mondays through Sundays

Opening Hours

10:00AM-5:00PM (last order 4:30PM)

Closing Days

Open 365 days

Other information

Vegetables harvested from our own Heidi farm. The grounds of Kikyouya Main Factory.
A salad bar featuring freshly harvested vegetables from our Heidi farm and Kenchin-jiru (Japanese tofu and vegetable chowder) is free for those ordering a meal. You can take home the chopstick holders we use at our restaurant.

Accepted credit cards

VISA|MasterCard|JCB|American Express|Diners Club

Universal Design

Accessible slope  Wheelchair user participation  Parking for wheelchair visitors 

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