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Speaking of the fancy cafe near Lake Kawaguchiko, it means uemon café. You can take English conversation lesson in this café. What’s more, Free WiFi is available too, so businessman and female single guest can come in easily. Enjoy relaxing, cozy time. American and Canadian-trained baked goods, and Espresso drink like provided at Seattle style coffee shop, are served here.
You can buy the food and drink to go. You should walk around the lakeside, holding a cup of coffee. The owner is particular about furniture and small articles. Please stop by uemon café.

Canadian-born husband of the owner is busy teaching English conversation every day, mainly to people all around the prefecture.

They are picky about furniture, too. "Being Simple" is the motto.

There are many things that you can only find here.

How would you like this for a gift?

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    Salt Caramel Latte

    Slightly bitter espresso and milk with additive-free salt caramel syrup -- the most popular beverage.
    380 yen

    Scones with three kinds of berries, and Ghirardelli chocolate

    A combination of local berries and Ghirardelli chocolate from San Francisco where the lady owner went to school. Recommended with whipped cream…
    300 yen

    Freshly baked American muffins

    Freshly baked North American style pristine muffins. They are reheated upon order so you will always get them warm. Daily special flavors.
    250 yen

    Banana pancakes with vanilla ice cream

    Collaboration of dense and moist banana pancakes with cold vanilla ice cream. A taste of North American Grandma's treats!
    380 yen

    Italian Fruit Soda

    When you want to drink something light and refreshing, this is it!
    Fresh flavors of pomegranate and mango are matched with soda, and becomes a refreshing drink.
    350 yen


    Roasted Green Tea Latte  380 yen

    Cappuccino  350 yen

    Coffee  290 yen

    Freshly baked cookies  100 yen

    Earl Grey Tea  290 yen





682 Kawaguchi Fujikawaguchiko-machi Minamitsuru-gun


Nearest I.C.

Higashi-Fujigoko Road, Kawaguchiko IC

Transportation details

10 minutes from Higashi-Fujigoko Road, Kawaguchiko IC by car





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uemon cafe

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Closing Days

Monday, The first, and third Sundays(If the day is holiday, next day is closed)


View of Mt. Fuji  Stunning night view  Beautiful starry sky

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Foreign language assistance

English |Chinese

Universal Design

Assistance dogs allowed  Medical service/First aid 

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