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“Highway Bus & Kofu Area” PASS for Foreign Visitors On Sale from March 1, 2011

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What is the “Highway Bus & Kofu Area” PASS?

Yamanashi Transportation is introducing a new ticket set composed of a Shinjuku –Kofu highway bus ticket and a free pass for Yamanashi local buses for foreign visitors

In order to attract more foreign visitors to come to Yamanashi, Yamanashi Kotsu has cooperated with Fuji Kyuko, and Keio Bus Higashi to start to sell the “Highway Bus & Kofu Area” PASS for foreign tourists, businesspersons, and students from March 1.

“Highway Bus & Kofu Area” PASS is valid for 7 days from the day you board a highway bus. The Yamanashi Transportation bus pass has to be used for 3 consecutive days during the 7 days. You will be able to purchase the pass at the Shinjuku Highway Bus Terminal

Yamanashi has various tourist attractions and easy access which takes only 2 hours from Tokyo by bus.

This new bus pass was created for providing the repeat visitors new travel options to enjoy Japan, such as “Wine Tasting”, “Hot Spring”, “Fruits Picking” and others.  


1.On sale

   March 1~December 31, 2011

2.Where to purchase?

   Shinjuku Highway Bus Terminal 



4.Purchase of the pass is limited to

   Foreign tourists, businesspersons, and students (Ticket purchasers must show their passports)

5.Valid Period

   7 days from the day you board a highway bus (A 3 day pass for the Yamanashi Kotsu limited is available for 3 consecutive days during date of validity of the pass)

6.For more information, please chick here (PDF:2,981KB) and here (PDF:1,892KB)or contact 
                          Yamanashi Transportation Bus Operation Department  

                          TEL: 055-223-0821 

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