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Spring Yamanashi, as introduced by Hello Kitty Spring Yamanashi, as introduced by Hello Kitty

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Spring in Yamanashi, which has a rich natural environment, is a beautiful season when cherry and peach blossoms are in bloom! Multi-colored festivals take place in the setting of Kofu Basin when it is bathed in pink. There are also many delicious foods here that are unique to spring! How about enjoying spring to the full in Yamanashi!

Spring events

The spring events in Yamanashi are full of excitement! These include the Shingen-ko Festival and the Warring States Period Battles of Kawanakajima Picture Scroll Reenactment. Visitors can enjoy the feeling of traveling back in time to the Warring States Period.

The reenactment of a battle from the Warring States Period sounds amazing!

The 46th Shingen-ko Festival

The Shingen-ko Festival marks the start of the springtime sightseeing season in Yamanashi. When the cherry blossoms are in bloom, about 1,000 participants from inside and outside the prefecture gather at Maizuru Castle Park, which has extensive historical connections to the Warring States Period. The participants perform a battle reenactment that is one of the largest of its kind in the world, and even onlookers feel as though they have suddenly traveled back in time! This year, Takeda Shingen will be played by Sanyutei Koyuza, a rakugo (comical story-telling) performer from Otsuki City, and Yamamoto Kansuke will be played by Hayashiya Sanpei. Hayashiya Kikuo will appear as a special guest.

  • Date(s) of event: April 7 (Fri.) - 9 (Sun.), 2017
  • Location: Kofu city (Maizuru Castle Park, Kofu Station, etc.)
  • URL: Shingen-ko Festival

Warring States Period Battles of Kawanakajima Picture Scroll Reenactment

The “Warring States Period Battles of Kawanakajima Picture Scroll Reenactment,” in which Warring States Period battles are simulated, is held as the main event of the Togenkyo Spring Festival in Fuefuki City. The military tactics used in each battle are faithfully reproduced based on historical facts. The reenactment includes performances of “Sankon-no-gi” (Takeda Army) and “Butei-shiki” (Uesugi Army), which were rituals to mark the start of the battle and pray for victory, matchlock demonstrations, and a one-on-one duel between Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin. There is also a large battle that general participants can join, so there are plenty of exciting events to enjoy.

  • Date(s) of event: April 16 (Sun.), 2017
  • Location: Riverbed adjacent to Fuefuki City Hall

52nd Koshu City Furusato Takeda Katsuyori-ko Festival

This festival takes place in Koshu City, which is associated with the Takeda clan and has Erin-ji Temple, the ancestral mortuary of Takeda Shingen, and Keitoku-in Temple, the ancestral mortuary temple of Takeda Shingen’s successor Takeda Katsuyori. The festival comforts the spirits of Takeda Katsuyori and his family members, and reflects on their virtues. It features war rally picture scrolls from the Warring States Period, shrine maiden ceremonial dances by local junior high school students, and a Kai Tenmokuzan Katsuyori-ko Taiko drumming ritual performance by elementary school students.

  • Date(s) of event: April 23 (Sun.), 2017
  • Location: School ground of Yamato Junior High School (Koshu City)

Spots for enjoying flowers in Yamanashi

Spring in Yamanashi is ravishingly beautiful! The area welcomes visitors with various spring flowers, including cherry blossoms on a historic cherry tree that provides of glimpse of eternity when it is in full bloom, and peach blossoms that turn pink on one side. Also, there are multicolored hydrangeas that reach full bloom here in June. How about a trip to Yamanashi when it is colored with flowers?

The pink color of the Kofu Basin is wonderful! ♥

Jindai Zakura Cherry Blossom Tree

Jindai Zakura Cherry Blossom Tree is one of Japan’s “Three Great Cherry Trees.” It is an Edo-Higan cherry tree that is said to have been planted 2,000 years ago. Its height is 10.3 meters and its trunk circumference at the base is 11.8 meters. As one of the largest and oldest trees in Japan, it became a Nationally Designated Natural Monument No. 1 during the Taisho Period, and in 1990, it was selected as one of “Japan’s New 100 Famous Trees.” The festival that is held when this historic tree blooms in full glory is very popular.

  • Best viewing time in average year: Early April
  • Location: Jisso-ji Temple (2763 Yamataka, Mukawa-cho, Hokuto City)

Fuefuki City Togenkyo Spring Festival

During this festival, various events are held in line with the season when all of Fuefuki City is colored with peach and cherry blossoms. Visitors can enjoy cherry blossom viewing and food stalls at the main venue Yatsushiro Furusato Park, and there are other festival venues and walking courses throughout the city where it is possible to take in views of the cherry and peach blossoms. There are also fantastical nighttime events, including a light-up of cherry blossoms and a fire burned on a mountainside in the shape of an oigata (portable chest).

  • Date(s) of event: March 26 (Sun.) - April 23 (Sun.), 2017
  • Location: Furusato Park (2223-1 Oka, Yatsushiro-cho, Fuefuki City),
    Hanatori no Sato Sports Plaza (250 Onoji, Misaka-cho, Fuefuki City)

Arakurayama Sengen Park Cherry Blossom Festival

This festival is held at Arakurayama Sengen Park, a spot for viewing Mt. Fuji that is famous both in Japan and overseas, around the time that about 650 Yoshino cherry trees reach full bloom. There are events on a stage, as well as food and drink stalls where it is possible to sample local specialties. This is an event unique to spring where visitors can get their fill of cherry blossoms and majestic Mt. Fuji.

  • Date(s) of event: April 8 (Sat.) - 16 (Sun.), 2017
  • Location: Arakurayama Sengen Park (3353 Arakura, Fujiyoshida City)

Nambu Hydrangea Festival

At Utsubuna Park, which has been designated a famous spot for flowers in Yamanashi Prefecture, approximately 30,000 hydrangeas in 90 species that have been grown by volunteers bloom beautifully in around mid June. The festival, which is held around the time they reach full bloom, provides visitors the chance to thoroughly enjoy beautiful hydrangea, as well as hydrangea farm stands and refreshment booths, and is thus bustling with many people.

  • Date(s) of event: June 16 (Fri.) - 25 (Sun.), 2017
  • Location: Utsubuna Park (Utsubuna, Nanbu-cho, Minamikoma-gun)

Delicious foods of Yamanashi

There are many delicious foods to enjoy during the spring! Yamanashi has festivals where visitors can taste and compare cherries and sweet corn, which have a singular freshness right after they have been picked, as well as the local specialty hoto (miso vegetable stew)! Their joyfully delicious flavors put a smile on the faces of visitors after the first bite!

Hot Hoto, fresh cherries and corn sound delicious!

Shosenkyo Hoto Festival

Popular shops that serve Yamanashi’s local dish hoto (miso vegetable stew) gather for this festival at Shosenkyo Gorge. Each of the shops proudly serves up its own unique interpretation of the dish, and these range from old-fashioned, rustic versions to ones with innovative twists. The servings are one-fourth the usual size, so visitors can try different stews and compare.

  • Date(s) of event: April 22 (Sat.) - 23 (Sun.), 2017
  • Location: Kofu City Shosenkyo Taki-ue Parking Area (Kawakubo-cho, Kofu City)

Cherry picking

Throughout this prefecture, the harvest season for cherries in starts in May. This is a joyous time when it is possible to taste delicious cherries in various regions, starting with Minami-Alps City and later followed by Koshu City and Kai City! There are many varieties including “Takasago,” “Fuji Akane,” “Sato Nishiki,” and “Benishuho,” so it is possible to enjoy comparing the different tastes. Each year, many people from across Japan visit to pick cherries, and enjoy the sweet and tangy flavor that is unique to cherries that are freshly picked. How about trying some lovely dark red, ripe cherries?

Minami Alps City

  • Date(s) of event: Early May through late June 2017

Koshu Enzan Ushioku and Shimohagihara area

  • Date(s) of event: Early May through late June 2017

Kai Komazawa Cherry Farm

  • Date(s) of event: Early through mid June 2017

Sweet corn harvest festivals

June is the harvest time for sweet corn! Harvest festivals for highly popular corn brands such as “Gold Rush”, “Kimihime” and “Kan-Kan Musume” are held in the early to middle part of the month. There are many different events where it is possible to taste and enjoy sweet corn, including picking and harvesting experience events, taste-testing events, and sales events! Each year, these events are so popular that visitors wanting to try the delicious sweet corn form long lines in the morning.

Gold Rush

  • Date(s) of event: Early June 2017
  • Location: Chuo City Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station) Toyotomi


  • Date(s) of event: Mid June 2017
  • Location: Fudoki no Oka Farmer’s Market

Kan-Kan Musume

  • Date(s) of event: Mid June 2017
  • Location: Ichikawa-misato-cho Kabuki Culture Park