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Outdoor Activities

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Enjoy the great outdoors all to yourself at the foot of Mt. Fuji, an experience you’ll only find in Yamanashi!

Yamanashi is ringed by Mt. Fuji, the Minami Alps, Mt. Yatsugatake, and other magnificent mountains, and is blessed with clean air and pure water. There are plenty of outdoor activities for you to try here! Enjoy trekking on a myriad of trails that everyone from beginners to seasoned climbers can enjoy, or try the typical cycling and golfing with views of Mt. Fuji that you’ll only find in Yamanashi! Don’t miss the water sports on Yamanashi’s rivers and lakes.

Trekking and Hiking

Enjoy myriad trails in breathtaking nature!

Yamanashi is ringed by magnificent mountains and so has plenty of hiking and trekking trails! From casual trails to ones that let you enjoy nature to the fullest, you can choose the trail that matches your mood, stamina, and goal. Enjoy your fill of the kinds of Yamanashi charms that you’ll only find on a nice stroll.


Fly along as you feel the beauty of Yamanashi on your skin!

If you want to enjoy the abundant nature that Yamanashi has to offer at your own pace, then why not try cycling? There are paths along the Fuji Five Lakes where you can enjoy Mt. Fuji close up, and paths running along the Fuji River, one of Japan’s three fastest rivers. There’s also the Fruit Line Loop path, where you can ride through fields of peach blossoms stretching out like a carpet before you in Spring. There are plenty of fun paths available that you’ll only find in Yamanashi.


Take a full swing while facing the magnificent Mt. Fuji!

Only in Yamanashi can you keep one eye on Mt. Fuji and one eye on golfing. Taking a swing while facing the magnificent Mt. Fuji is exceptional, and playing a round amidst beautiful scenery and clean air feels extraordinary! Who knows – your score may go up without even knowing it.

Golf Courses


Try rafting if you want to feel the full impact of Yamanashi’s wide outdoors!

You’ll be blown away as you enjoy rafting on the Fuji River, one of Japan’s three fastest rivers! There’s no greater thrill or fun than shooting down the rapids in an inflatable boat surrounded by verdant nature! It’s a team sport that you cooperate with your team to enjoy, so it’s fun for family and friends alike.

Water Sports

Enjoy water sports on the lake while looking out at Mt. Fuji.

Only in Yamanashi can you enjoy water sports on the lake while looking out at Mt. Fuji! On Lake Yamanaka you can enjoy both wakeboarding and flyboarding – a popular sport you can only experience at a few spots in Japan. Don't miss these activities, which feel different on a lake than they do on the sea.

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