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Yoshida lava tree molds(Yoshida Tainaijjyukei)[Not open to the public]

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Area:Mt. Fuji/Fuji Five Lakes

Mt. Fuji World Cultural Heritage Site Asset (Registered in June 2013)
Yoshida Tainai (lava tree mold) were formed at the east end of a lava flow at the time of Mt. Fuji's eruption in 937 more than 1,000 years ago. Several trees overlapped each other and formed complicated tree molds, hence the allegorical image of being inside the woman womb, which led to the Tainai (womb) religion. The Yoshida Tainai became an object of worship for the disciplinants who visited Mt. Fuji, and the worshippers and mentors of Fuji-ko (Mt. Fuji religion) have protected them for a long time. The Yoshida Tainai festival is still now held once a year. Yoshida Tainai Jukei-gun, a group of more than 60 tree molds existing around Yoshida Tainai, is a nationally designated Natural Monument.
*The area inside the Yoshida Tainai is not open to the public.

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5590 Kenmarubi Kamiyoshida Fujiyoahida City


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Chuo Exopress way, Kawaguchiko IC

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Fuji Kyuko Line, Fujsan Station

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Fujsan Station

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30 minutes from Kawaguchiko IC by care. 30 minutes after getting off car on foot.



No reserved parking lot Not open to the public

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