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Peach Café Nakanishi

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This is a café where you can enjoy homemade cakes and sweets made of grapes, Japanese plums and fresh peaches harvested from the peach orchards. A variety of special coffees are also offered (blend coffee at 400 yen and up). We also have homemade additive-free jams and compote for sale.

An outside view.

Bright interior of the restaurant.

Homemade bottled peaches.

We have a variety of quality coffee.

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    Otona no Fuyu Parfait (Winter Parfait for Adults)

    This is a luxurious parfait made with jelly that has a little bit of red wine in it, the fruit around the peach stone, etc. In the summer time, we will also have "Uruwashiki Natsu Parfait (Beautiful Summer Parfait)."
    800 yen

    Peach Pie

    This is a piece of homemade pie made with pieces of firm peach in syrup and peach jam folded into it, baked, and served warm.
    500 yen (400 yen with a drink order)

    Pork Back Ribs Plate (Lunch only. Dinner by reservation.)

    A lunch plate of seasoned pork back ribs on rice will come with salad, soup and a small dessert.
    900 yen

    Peach curry (Lunch only. Dinner by reservation.)

    Some peach jam is added for secret flavor to bring out the depth in the curry. It comes with salad, soup, and mini dessert.
    900 yen

    Unbaked cheesecake

    Peach jam made into jelly is the coating of this cake. Sourness of yogurt and lemon gives it a plain and light flavor.
    500 yen (400 yen with a drink order)


    Pizza toast with seasonal ingredients / 800 yen

    Weekly lunch / 800 yen and up

    Coffee awarded for "The Cup of Excellence" / 1,000 yen

    Peach Bavarian cream / 500 yen (400 yen with a drink order)

    Scones (with 2 kinds of peach jam) / 500 yen (400 yen with a drink order)





544-1 Sueki, Ichimiya-cho, Fuefuki City


Nearest I.C.

Katsunuma interchange

Nearest station

Yamanashi-shi station

Nearest highway bus stop


Transportation details

Take Katsunuma interchange, go on National Highway 20 toward Isawa/Kofu for 10 minutes by car.






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Peach Café Nakanishi

Telephone number


Opening Days

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays-Sundays, Holidays and the day before Holidays

Opening Hours

11:00 AM-7:00 PM (Lunch 11:00 AM-2:00 PM)

Closing Days


Other information

Peach blossoms are beautiful in season at the peach orchards.

Universal Design

Assistance dogs allowed  Wheelchair user participation  Nursing care volunteer  Medical service/First aid  Stair rails 

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