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Oniwa (Natural Park)

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Area:Mt. Fuji/Fuji Five Lakes

Walking up a stone-paved climbing trail from the 5th station Oniwa bus stop on Fuji Subaruline, you will view the scenery of garden Oniwa, as if it had been molded by the Mother Nature, and in the area black and reddish brown volcanic gravel and scoria about the size of a fist are spreading all around, and old larch trees are scattered. All around the area which the Otyudo (walking trail) and Fuji Subaruline are close together, there are two mortar-shaped halls of the entrance of the parasite volcano of Mt.Fuji. The hall is 50 meters across in diameter, and 20 meters in depth, and volcanic gravel and scoria are staffed around the mortar. An eruption of about 10,000 years ago formed the figure of Mt.Fuji. An eruption of about 10,000 years ago formed the figure of Mt.Fuji. Since the down of the history, the eruption activities (eruptions of parasite volcano) on its mountainside had repeated and continued. From this point to the peak of the Mt.Fuji, 5-8 craters vary in size from small to large, lie on a straight. Scoria is the cellular light volcano gravel that basaltic magma gushed out into the air and the gas went away from it.



Narusawa-mura Minamitsuru-gun


Nearest I.C.

Chuo Expressway, Kawaguchiko IC,Higashi-Fujigoko Road, Fujiyoshida IC

Nearest station

Fujikyuko Line, Kawaguchiko Station ,Fuji-san Station

Nearest highway bus stop

Fujisan Go-Gome/Mt.Fuji 5th Station

Nearest bus stop

Oniwa bus stop

Transportation details

45 minutes from Kawaguchiko IC via Fuji Subaruline (Mt.Fuji Tool Road) by car
/1 minute walking fro Oniwa







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Narusawa Village Tourism Association

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View of Mt. Fuji 


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