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Suyama Sengen-jinja Shrine

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Suyama Sengen-jinja Shrine became the point of origin of the Suyama Trail. The shrine pavilions as well as the trail incurred major damage from the Hoei eruption of 1707, and the current inner shrine was rebuilt in 1823. According to shrine legend, it was built by Yamato Takeru, and wooden markers indicating the buildings' construction dates make it possible to confirm that the shrine existed in 1524.
Since an influential feudal lord from the Takeda clan made an offering of his long sword, armor and horse here at this shrine, the Suyama Sengen-jinja Shrine has been an important location for people ascending Fujisan from the southeast foothills. Passing through the vermillion torii gate that faces the Yozawa River, one is presented with an avenue of Japanese cedars that are 300 to 500 years old. These giant trees create a serious, grave atmosphere and the temizuya (place for ritual cleansing of hands and mouth with water when visiting shrines) and shrine office are decorated with offcuts from the holy tree depicting important events throughout the shrine’s long history.

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722 Suyama Susono City

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