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Omiya-Murayama Ascending Route(present Fujinomiya Ascending Route)

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This ascending route begins at Fujisan HonguSengenTaisha shrine, goes past Murayama Sengen-jinja Shrine, and leads to the south side of the summit. It is thought that the activities of Matsudai from the beginning to the middle of the 12th century were the catalyst for people to begin climbing the mountain. After that, ordinary people began to make worship-ascents of Fujisan. People climbing Fujisan were depicted in Fuji Mandala painted on Silk, which is thought to have been made in the 16th century. The scope of the constituent element is 6th station of the present Fujinomiya Ascending Route and above.
This ascent of Fujisan starts with a relatively gentle slope. During the ascent, the route does take in some sections where the going gets tough over some rocky terrain. This route will get you to the Kengamine peak in the shortest amount of time. If the weatherconditions are good, you will have a great view of the mountain Hoeizanand the Southern Alps, as well as the Izu Peninsula and Suruga Bay during your ascent. Looking from the south side near the peak, you can expect to see a magnificent sunrise. Sir Rutherford Alcock, the British Consul-General to Japan, took this route when he completed the first recorded ascent by a non-Japanese in 1860.

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