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Suyama Ascending Route (present Gotemba Ascending Route)

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This ascending route begins at Suyama Sengen-jinja Shrine and leads to the southeast side of the summit. Although the route's origin is unclear, its existence in the year 1486 can be confirmed by ancient documents. The route incurred catastrophic damage from Fujisan's Hoei eruption (1707), and then it was fully restored in 1780. The scope of the constituent element is the altitude of 2,050m (where the present Gotemba Ascending Route is) and above, and the area around Suyama Otainai (altitude of 1,435 - 1,690m).
Compared with other routes up Fujisan, this route has fewer huts and the difference in altitude between the start point and the peak is considerable. The walking/climbing distance is long, so this is really a route for experienced climbers and people in good health. The route is peppered with volcanic rocks as well as volcanic gravel and climbers will have a firsthand view of the beauty of mother nature during their ascent. This route will take you past the Ginmeisui (silver water) well, where snowmelt water appears from cracks in the cooled lava. Locations of rites and prayer sites used by holy men from the Murayama Sengen Shrine still remain today. The Fuji Tozan Ekiden long distance race uses part of this route, and every year many runners participate in this event.

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