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Subashiri Ascending Route Description

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This ascending route begins at Fuji Sengen-jinja Shrine, converges with Yoshida Ascending Route at 8th station, and leads to the east side of the summit. Although the route's origin is unclear, a Buddhist tablet with the year 1384 carved on it has been excavated there. Many adherents of Fuji-ko and other religious beliefs began to use it in the late 18th century. The scope of the constituent element is 5th station and above.

Until the convergence with the Yoshida Ascending Route at the 8th station, the adjacent woodland filters the sunlight and climbers can enjoy being in nature as they slowly ascend Fujisan. There are small huts at each station, so people ascending for the first time can feel at ease as there are ample facilities should they need to take a break. Once through the woodland section, climbers will be in the best position to see the first light of the morning. The conditions change from woods to rocky terrain. Coming down the mountain, there is an approx. 2km-long section of sandy soil underfoot. As the sand is soft, one can run very fast and yet feel very little strain on their legs.

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