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Mitsu-Touge Sanso (Lodge)

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Mitsu-Touge Mountain consisting of 3 mountains, Kaiun Mountain, Osutaka Mountain, and Kenashi Mountain, is 1,786 meters above sea level. You can enjoy climbing through a whole year. Mitsu-touge is a treasure house of the alpine plants and is known as the place where lady's slipper grows naturally. There are many rare species of flowers here, you can enjoy seeing the pretty flowers on the way to Mitsuyama-So (Lodge). What’s more, including Mt.Fuji, you can view the beautiful mountains such as Misaka-Sanchi and Minami-Alps from this area. Many photo enthusiasts, who are attracted to Mt.Fuji changing its appearance according to season and time, come here to take photos. If you stay at Mitsutouge-So, you can take the impressive picture of Mt.Fuji in the clear sky. To the Byobu rock wall (Folding-screen rock wall) known as a popular spot of rock climbing, many climbers visit here. In the site of the lodge, a climbing-board is equipped. To go to Mitsuyama-So (lodge), walk on the Omote-tozando route (Front mountain trail) from Mitusyamatouge-station of Fujikyuko Line (about 3h30m), or walk on Ura-tozando route (Back mountain trail) from Lake-Kawaguchiko side (about 1h). There are also other routes.
For the beginners, the easy route from Kawaguchiko side is recommended because the trail is wide and it takes only one hour and half to get the summit.





2733-1 Osutakayama Kawaguchi Fujikawaguchiko-machi Minamitsuru-gun


Nearest I.C.

Chuo Expressway, Kawaguchiko IC

Nearest station

Fujikyuko Line, Kawaguchiko Station

Nearest highway bus stop

Kawaguchiko (eki) Station

Nearest bus stop

Mitsu-Touge Tozanguchi (City bus)

Transportation details

To the Tozanguchi(start of a trail up a mountain)---
30 minutes from Chuo Expressway, Kawaguchiko IC by car
25 minutes from Fujikyuko Line, Kawaguchiko Station by taxi



:Ura Tozando (Back Mountain Trail):Parking space for about 10 cars near the start of a trail up a mountain

:Omote Tozando (Front Mountain Trail) ):A couple of free parking lots near the start of a trail up a mountain


Rest room 

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Room type(for people)

Japanese tatami mat rooms: capacity of 150


Shower room (April to October/ 500yen),Bathroom, Climbimg board


Single guests are welcome  Room without meal services is available.


View of Mt. Fuji  View of The Southern Alps  Stunning night view 

Other information

The transportation information and photos above is from the Kawaguchiko-side route (Ura-Tozando).

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