Experience the national parks near Mt. Fuji

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National Parks of Mt.FUJI Area

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(Offered only in the spring)
A course to enjoy an earthly paradise and wine


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How to get there Travel by bus

What you will enjoy on this course

This area is the growing area boasting the greatest quantity of peaches and grapes produced anywhere in Japan. In particular, when the peach blossoms come into bloom in roughly early April, the entire area is tinged pink with the color of peach blossoms. Why not take a walk through this peach-blossom filled paradise on earth to visit some wineries and enjoy some hot springs?

Fujikyu Railway, Kawaguchiko Station

Kawaguchiko Station
Departs from Kawaguchiko Station on the Fujikyu Railway.
As you exit the station’s ticket barrier, you will see an information center for the town of Fujikawaguchiko on your right.

Kawaguchiko Station bus stop

As you exit Kawaguchiko Station’s ticket barrier, you will see the bus terminal immediately in front of you.
From this bus stop, take the bus heading to “Kofu Station” or “Kofu Station, North Exit.”

Bus ride: 25 minutes

Shimokurokoma bus stop

Getting off the bus at the Shimokurokoma bus stop, you will find yourself in a sea of peach fields. From here you will head to the best spots to view the peach-blossom filled ‘paradise on earth,’ where you will be able to look down upon the pink carpet stretching out before you.

2.8km (40 minutes’ walk)

Fuefuki Togenkyo (peach blossoms as seen from Hanamidai, Ichinomiya-cho, Fuefuki)

Location: Ichinomiya-cho, Fuefuki
Tel.: 055-262-4111

1.5km (20 minutes’ walk)

Alps Wine

Location: Ichinomiya-cho Kitsune-arai 324-1, Fuefuki
Tel.: 0553-47-5881

1.0km (15 minutes’ walk)

Momo no Sato Hot Spring

Location: Ichinomiya-cho Kanazawa 387-1, Fuefuki
Tel.: 0553-47-4126

1.2km (15 minutes’ walk)

Shimokurokoma bus stop

From the Shimokurokoma bus stop, take the bus heading to “Fuji-san Station” to return to the Kawaguchiko Station bus stop.

Bus ride: 25 minutes

Kawaguchiko Station bus stop

Bus route from Kawaguchiko Station

This introduces the bus route to take from Kawaguchiko Station to the starting point of the course. It also indicates the bus situation at present.