Experience the national parks near Mt. Fuji

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National Parks of Mt.FUJI Area

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The flora and fauna encountered in the national parks

In the national park in the area surrounding Mt. Fuji, there is an enormous variety of nature, including notably Mt. Fuji and the Aokigahara woodlands and also a large number of mountains such as the Misaka mountain range that includes Mt. Mitsutoge, as well as the Fuji Five Lakes, primeval beech forests, and expansive grasslands, among many other examples.
Roughly more than 40 types of mammals make their habitat here, including the natural treasures the Japanese serow and the Japanese dormouse. Approximately 180 species of wild birds have been confirmed here.
In the course of their regular rounds, the patrols have various splendid encounters of wonder in the woods with squirrels that show their faces, the Cimicifuga simplex plants that shine all together as they reflect the setting sun, or forests of Veitch’s fir, which give off a fresh scent similar to mint, to name just a few.
When you enter into the nature surrounding you, face the natural environment before you slowly and feel it with your entire body. You may be moved in a way you do not expect.

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