how to Restaurants Learn the etiquette of Yamanashi umaii (delicious) feasting

Japanese table manners

  • When eating in Japan, it is customary to thank the food and the cook with the traditional phrases “Itadaki-masu” before a meal, and “Gochiso-sama-deshita” after the meal.

  • It is polite to lift small bowls of rice and miso soup (but not large dishes) to your mouth.

  • The proper way to enjoy soup is to sip directly from the small bowl, without using a spoon.

  • In Japan, it is common to make slurping noises while eating noodles like soba, udon, and ramen.

  • In Japan, the rule of thumb is to enjoy all food served and leaving nothing uneaten.

The use of chopsticks involves a diversity of manners.
Here are a few.

  • hiroi-bashi
    Do not lift the same piece of food with your chopsticks and those of another. This is called hiroi-bashi and resembles the funeral tradition of passing bones from chopstick to chopstick.

  • Mayoi-bashi
    Do not wave your chopsticks over food deciding which bite to take next. Mayoi-bashi is impolite, as it appears as if you are being picky.

  • Sashi-bashi
    Do not stab food with your chopsticks. Sashi-bashi is improper usage; food should be held between the two chopsticks.

  • Namida-bashi
    Do not drip soup or soy sauce between the dish and your mouth. Namida-bashi leaves an unsightly mess and is simply bad manners.

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