Road Station Narusawa

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The Narusawa area’s roadside rest and shopping hub offers the visitor splendid views of Mount Fuji and much more. The shop in the main building sells freshly harvested local highland fruits and vegetables, as well as locally brewed sake and ready-to-eat condiments. Depending on the season, there may be corn, cabbage, blueberries, and more. When available, the Fuji cherry soft serve ice cream comes highly recommended, as do the oyaki buckwheat dumplings filled with vegetables. Visitors can enjoy viewing Mt. Fuji while taking a break on the sofas in the central relaxation room, while pamphlets for local attractions and free wi-fi are provided at the information desk.

To the far side of the parking lot is the Narusawa Mt. Fuji Museum. The museum is free to enter and may be of interest to those who wish to learn about the history of Mt. Fuji’s formation, as well as to gem enthusiasts. Particularly noteworthy is the lava tree mold outside the museum, formed by an eruption of Mt. Fuji in the year 864. There is a tap for spring water nearby, and you may see local residents filling their bottles with natural spring water from Mt. Fuji.

Adjacent to the parking lot is the Mt. Fuji observatory, an elevated deck from which visitors can enjoy a full-frontal view of the sacred peak and other smaller mountains flanking it. From late April to early May, more than 3,000 azaleas bloom in the wooded Creation Park area surrounding the viewing platform, festooning the bushes with clouds of pink and purple. The small entrance fee is worth it year-round, but especially so in spring.



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401-0320 8532-63 Narusawa-mura, Minamitsuru-gun

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