Ryumon Gorge

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The secluded Ryumon Gorge on the outskirts of Koshu is part of the Hikawa Valley and the Hikawa River runs through it. Easily accessed from the cities of Enzan and Katsunuma, the valley is one of the Koshu area’s most popular nature spots and a breathtaking natural wonder of Yamanashi.

A walking trail of about 2.4 kilometers runs from a bright red steel bridge in the Yamatochotano area to the Tenmoku area. The path goes through the forest, past rock formations including Hirado no Ishimon, a formation in the shape of a gate that frames the trees behind it, and Ochiai Mitsu no Taki, a waterfall naturally divided into three tiers.

The soothing rush of the river accompanies visitors all along the hike. In autumn, the gorge is filled with fiery red leaves; the best time to catch them is from mid-October to mid-November. The trail ends around Seiunji Temple. Those who need a break after the walk can visit the nearby Tenmokusan Onsen hot spring.


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409-1202 Yamatocho Hajikano, Koshu-shi

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