Shindo Pass

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Shindo Pass, a ridge running high between Mount Nakatto (1,665m) and Mount Kurodake (1,793m), offers a breathtaking view of Mount Fuji foregrounded by Lake Kawaguchiko, the second largest of the famed Fuji Five Lakes.

From the end point of the Sawarindo Road, Shindo Pass is an easy five-minute climb uphill. Its two observation decks, roughly a minute apart from each other, are among the limited number of vantage points that allow an uninterrupted view of Fuji, from peak right to mountain foot.

With the calm waters of Lake Kawaguchiko in front, this photogenic scene grows more enchanting still after dusk, when the area surrounding the lake is illuminated by countless twinkling lights.


Venue Address

Ashigawacho Kamiashigawa, Fuefuki-shi

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