Yume Kobo Washi Workshop

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At this charming little atelier, opened in 2020, you are invited to experience the wonder and satisfaction of learning to make washi, traditional Japanese paper.

The Ichikawadaimon district has long been associated with washi, and into the twenty-first century continues to produce this delicately textured, multi-purpose paper in large quantities. The technique is said to have been introduced to this area in the ninth century, with local residents eagerly developing washi into one of their main industries.

Despite continuing success, the future of washi-making in the region has been thrown into doubt by a shortage of successors to the current generation of artisans: Yamanashi Prefecture’s declining population is one factor in this.

In response, Yume Kobo Washi Workshop was established with the aim of popularizing the craft with present and future generations of children and adults. Two artisans staff the atelier, dividing their time between honing their skills, creating new products, and leading workshops.

The simplest of classes involves making three postcards to take home and is suitable for ages from pre-elementary school through to adults. In just ten minutes you will learn how to blend together washi ingredients and water, then scoop out the resulting mixture into a wooden frame ready to dry (the drying process takes 40 minutes).

Of course, the objective is not to have everyone who participates become a washi professional: the emphasis of Yume Kobo’s introductory workshops is firmly on fun, but who knows where they might lead you?


Venue Address

409-3601 1725 Ichikawadaimon, Ichikawamisato-cho, Nishiyatsushiro-gun

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