Diamond Fuji (Lake Yamanakako)

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Diamond Fuji can be seen from Lake Yamanaka as the sun sets behind Mt. Fuji in twilight colors.It can be enjoyed over a long period from mid-October to late February, so it is recommended for those who are not early birds.It can be seen over a wide area of Lake Yamanaka.The place and times are on the linked website.

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Yamanakako-mura, Minami-tsuru-gun

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  • Lake Yamanakako is the largest of the Fuji Five Lakes and has the third-highest elevation of any lake in Japan. It is also the closest of the five to Mount Fuji and offers spectacular views of the iconic peak.

  • As its name implies, this lookout point offers sweeping, panoramic views of Mount Fuji and Lake Yamanakako from an elevation of 1,090 meters. The views from Panorama-dai at sunrise and sunset are remarkable year-round.

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    Oshino Hakkai

    Oshino Hakkai, or the Eight Seas of Oshino, are a set of eight ponds located in the Fuji Five Lakes area, on the site of a former sixth lake that dried out several centuries ago. The eight ponds are fed by snowmelt from the slopes of Mount Fuji that filters down the mountain through porous layers of volcanic rock.

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