Kawaguchiko Herb Hall

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Kawaguchiko Herb Hall is an herb-themed sightseeing facility located near the Kwagucikohan-Oike Park. A craft class using dried-flowers is organized, and herb goods are on sale there. At the hall annex Perfume-House, you can create your favorite scented aromas. In the hall, you can taste yummy lavender soft ice cream.

Venue Address

401-0301 6713-18 Funatsu. Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun

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Other Indoor Activities

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    Mount Mitsutoge

    Mount Mitsutoge is the collective name for a group of three mountains bordering the municipalities of Tsuru, Nishikatsura, and Fujikawaguchiko. Mitsutoge offers spectacular views of Mt. Fuji from its summit, while the cliffs of Byobuiwa just below the summit are popular with rock climbing enthusiasts.

  • By far the most visited of the Fuji Five Lakes, Lake Kawaguchiko serves as the main point of entry to this famous lake region. The area surrounding Lake Kawaguchiko is well-developed in terms of tourist infrastructure, with many lakeside hotels, hot springs, windsurfing facilities, campsites, and excursion boats.

  • Mother’s White Waterfall is part of a small Shinto shrine of the same name located right next to the waters. For centuries, worshipers seeking to climb Mt. Fuji have purified themselves at this waterfall and prayed for safe journeys.

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