Kawaguchiko Yuransen Ensoleille (Lake Kawaguchiko pleasure boat “Ensoleille”)

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It is a gorgeous 20 minutes' cruising on the Lake Kawaguchiko. The view of the mountains and the scenery of town from the pleasure boat on the water are wonderful, which would change your image of Lake Kawaguchiko. Ensolleille is a French word which means sunny. The owner imagined the resort place in the south of France. You should go on the deck when the weather is nice. There is the information desk at the Funatsuhama on the lakeside of Kawaguchiko and the boat service runs every 30 minutes. It is elderly- friendly and elder people can get on and off the boat with ease.Enjoy the Night cruise to enjoy the cool evening breeze (weekend only), and enjoy the sunset cruise in the midsummer. Dinner parties are held on the boat and you will have a delicious meal which Hotel Highland Resort caters. You will see the magnificent view of Mt Fuji in the sunset.

Venue Address

401-0301 4034 Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun

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Other Indoor Activities

  • The village of Narusawa is home to many lava tree molds, hollow lava formations formed around large tree trunks, which were formed in the great eruption of Mt. Fuji in the year 864.

  • Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine is located amidst a dense old-growth forest, which denotes ties to the spirit world. The long, atmospheric approach to the main shrine is lined with mossy stone lanterns and shaded by tall cedar trees.

  • Nestled in a lush valley, the twin waterfalls of Taro and Jiro are fed by the Tokaichiba and Natsugari springs, the water of which originates from Mount Fuji some 30 kilometers away. The two falls are relatively gentle, with a 10-meter drop into the Hishakunagare River below.

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