Saiko Wild Bird's Park

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This park, surrounded by the Aokigahara sea of trees, is a home to about 60 species of wild birds, including the Varied Tit, the Meadow Bunting, and the Japanese White-eye. The ocean-of-trees' gallery within the park has an exhibit section with documents and photographs of animals in the area, and a bird-watching room equipped with telescopes.The craft workshop also offers the pleasure of making things by hand to you and your family. Bird feeders are placed throughout the park, so you can watch the birds rest their wings. In the winter, you can enjoy the frosted trees festival. Forest bathing in the park full of wild birds and flowers is an irreplaceable experience. How about spending some time getting close to nature here?

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401-0332 2068 Saiko, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minami-tsuru-gun

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    Lake Saiko

    Lake Saiko is the second smallest of the Fuji Five Lakes, though it is the second deepest with a maximum water depth of 71.7 meters. It is unusual compared to the other lakes in that it is surrounded by steep, wooded slopes on all sides.

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  • Aokigahara is a dense, primeval forest of mixed coniferous and broadleaf trees stretching across 30 square kilometers. The forest floor consists of volcanic rock, which is hardened lava that flowed from Mount Fuji when the volcano had a major eruption in the year 864.

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