Yamanakako Hot Spa-Beni Fuji no Yu

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Boasting the open-air bath in a large garden that you enjoy hot spring viewing Mt.Fuji close by. The view of Mt.Fuji is seen from all bathrooms. There are 2 types of sauna and is a bedrock bath. There are facilities and services such as a spacious room, a restaurant providing local cuisine Hoto, massage, and beauty-treatment, so you can fully enjoy here all day long. On weekends and holidays from December to March, the spa opens at 6:00 am, so you can see the ‘Beni Fuji ‘, the red colored snow-capped Mt.Fuji.(Wine list of Yamanashi Prefecture)Yamanakako Wine


Venue Address

401-0501 865-776 Yamanaka, Yamanakako-mura, Minamitsuru-gun

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Other Indoor Activities

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    Sakana Park

    Sakana Park in Oshino was established in 2001 as a theme park celebrating forests and water: a nod to its rich natural surroundings and the clear spring waters originating from Mount Fuji. A stroll through the green space takes you past streams and fountains using groundwater from the sacred peak.

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    Oshino Hakkai

    Oshino Hakkai, or the Eight Seas of Oshino, are a set of eight ponds located in the Fuji Five Lakes area, on the site of a former sixth lake that dried out several centuries ago. The eight ponds are fed by snowmelt from the slopes of Mount Fuji that filters down the mountain through porous layers of volcanic rock.

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