Family Farm Sano

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Family Farm Sano has a cheerful atmosphere. Many young guests come and they seem to visit the farm with friends with ease. It has a vast parking lot and the dandy owner Mr.Sano is a good talker and interesting person. He attracts guests and they feel like to come back again. Boasting the large size of peach, and if the peaches are in the box, the box looks small. The rare piece of grapes of reddish purple named ‘Manicure Finger’ is grown. You should try light green grapes ‘Gold finger’. In the farm, the rare grapes and peaches which you cannot buy even at the local food market in Yamanashi, are displayed for granted.Gold finger is one in a million even among farms, and the main customers of them are politician or first-class Japanese restaurant. If you came to this farm, you can eat it. Moreover, all-you-can-eat service is available. You should go there.

Venue Address

406-0813 3550 Kamikurokoma, Misaka-cho, Fuefuki City

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