Hombo Shuzo Co., Ltd. Yamanashi Mars Winery

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Yamanashi Mars Winery seeks to produce world-class wines while always respecting the soil and climate of Yamanashi. We devote ourselves to fermenting grapes from our land into wines starting with the signature Chateau Mars line under the theme "harmony between mellow flavor and fine bouquet."Our wines that take full advantage of Japan's rich four seasons have won the gold prize at the Japan Wine Competition as well as acclaim abroad.We welcome visitors to tour the factory and see the winemaking process from grape pressing to bottle filling--and to enjoy our prided wines at the free tasting corner.

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406-0022 126 Isawacho-Yamasaki, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi

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Other Indoor Activities

  • Discover

    Kai Terrace

    Kai Terrace is a gallery-like shopping facility that brings together, under one expansive roof, products that the city of Kai and wider Yamanashi have long been renowned for. Opened in 1985 and now welcoming more than 200,000 visitors each year, it is housed within a specially constructed building that lets its contents shine.

  • Isawa Onsen Street brings together, in one scenic location encircled by mountains, two great Japanese pleasures: hot-spring bathing and cherry-blossom viewing. Visitors will delight in the mental and physical reset that the combined experience can bring about.

  • Zenkoji Temple was established in 1558 by the warlord Takeda Shingen, who ruled Kai Province (present-day Yamanashi) from 1540 to 1573. The temple’s atmosphere invites solitary acts of quiet contemplation, and on clear days, there is a stunning view of Mount Fuji from the main hall’s front steps.

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