Hottarakashi Onsen

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The hot springs facility looks up at Mt. Fuji and down on the Kofu basin by day, and commands a view of the reputed "ceiling of starry skies" at night.Visitors can enjoy the changing of the seasons: a blanket of peach flowers covers the Kofu basin in spring, a cool breeze reaches the location 700m above sea level in summer, the mountain range is embraced in red leaves in autumn, and the sky is thickly sprinkled with starts in winter.The site's two hot springs are Acchi-no-yu ("that bath") and Kocchi-no-yu ("this bath").Kocchi-no-yu is the facility's first bath that enjoys perpetual popularity. It consists of an open-air hot spring made of wood and stone, and an indoor bath fragrant of wood. It offers a view of Mt. Fuji in front, and the ridge of Mt. Kabuto (one of Yamanashi's 100 celebrated mountains) to the right.On the other hand, Acchi-no-yu which opened in the end of the Heisei 15 (2003) is doubled in size of the Kocchi-no-yu.It is popular as its grandeur and the location which commands the view of Kofu basin which had been authorized as the new Japan's best three night view.  The bath which you can see the fantastic sunrise from is this Acchi-no-yu bath. Moreover, the original spring water of Acchi-no-yu is gushing from 1,500 meters under ground of crush zone, and that PH is 10.1 which is high level, and it will help your skin get smooth and will prevent you from feeling chill after a bath. After bathing, the specialty food, Ontama-Age meets your appetite.Spring quality: Acchi-no-Yu :alkaline simple hot spring/ Koccino-yu :alkaline simple hot spring (hot spring alkaline hypotonic)Effect: Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder syndrome, poor circulation, fatigue recovery, health promotion(Wine List of Yamanashi Prefecture)The shop in the site is selling 50 varieties of wine from Yamanashi prefecture.


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405-0036 1669-18 Yatsubo, Yamanashi City

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    Kai Terrace

    Kai Terrace is a gallery-like shopping facility that brings together, under one expansive roof, products that the city of Kai and wider Yamanashi have long been renowned for. Opened in 1985 and now welcoming more than 200,000 visitors each year, it is housed within a specially constructed building that lets its contents shine.

  • Isawa Onsen Street brings together, in one scenic location encircled by mountains, two great Japanese pleasures: hot-spring bathing and cherry-blossom viewing. Visitors will delight in the mental and physical reset that the combined experience can bring about.

  • The quiet, peaceful Sakaorinomiya Shrine has a very long history, being the only Shinto shrine in Yamanashi Prefecture mentioned in the Kojiki and the Nihon Shoki, the two eighth-century chronicles of early Japanese history.

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