Takeda Shrine

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Takeda-jinja Shrine was dedicated to Takeda Shingen, the famous leader of the Kai country, and is located on the place where three generations of Takeda, Nobutora, Shingen, and Katsuyori, actually lived. Many people enjoy strolling, not only in the premises surrounded by cherry trees in full blossom, but also around the shrine and along the cherry tree street from the Kofu Station to the shrine. Chozuya, Sando, Torii, Komainu, Ohori, and other various places offer a luxurious time for cherry-blossom viewing. In this place that carries a hint of its history, step into the treasure house where the sword donated by the Sanjo family, the home of the Singen’s wedded wife, at the time of construction of the shrine is on display along with various legacies donated by related parties of the Takeda family from all over Japan.The best time to see the cherry blossoms is late March to early April.

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400-0014 2611 Kofuchu-machi, Kofu City

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