Hikawa Keikoku Leisure Center

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Located on the banks of the Hikawa River, the Hikawa Keikoku Leisure Center is a family-friendly place to enjoy the natural surroundings. There are several designated fishing holes in the river where visitors can rent a rod and reel and try angling for rainbow trout. Children can try catching trout with their hands in a small pond. At the barbecue area on the northern bank, visitors can cook what they catch or buy (prior reservation required) a selection of ingredients ready to grill. There is also an on-site restaurant serving soba noodles made from locally grown buckwheat; the flavorful noodles are handmade on-site. The wooden bungalows beside the river are available for overnight stays or longer.

To see more of the area, take the 2.4-kilometer Ryumon Gorge walking trail that begins at the bright red steel bridge further down the road. The trail follows the Hikawa River, passing waterfalls and distinctive rock formations. Every autumn, when the leaves over the river are at their peak colors, the leisure center hosts the Takeda Jinchu Hoto Festival featuring taiko drum performances and hoto noodle stew, a Yamanashi specialty made with local mushrooms and seasonal vegetables.


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409-1202 3 Yamatocho Tano, Koshu-shi

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