Minobusan Ropeway

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The Minobusan Ropeway, at 763 meters above ground the highest ropeway in Japan’s Kanto region, features a succession of breathtaking views that one might think only mountaineers get to marvel at. The ride is also a spiritual one, as the car travels on a sky-high “pilgrimage” from the precincts of Kuonji Temple up to Okunoin Shishinkaku Temple on the 1,153-meter-high peak of sacred Mount Minobu.

On a seven-minute journey equivalent to a two-and-a-half-hour hike, the ropeway passes above seas of verdant trees. Next, the many surrounding mountains gradually come into view. The iconic, unmistakable peak of Mount Fuji slowly raises its head on the rugged horizon, foregrounded by the Fujikawa River seemingly rendered in miniature scale.

Exiting the ropeway you will find an observation deck offering further breathtaking views. With the right timing, it is possible to witness “Diamond Fuji”—a phenomenon in which the rising sun causes Mt. Fuji’s peak to sparkle like a jewel—from here.

Before heading back down, explore the grounds of Okunoin Shishinkaku Temple, where a roughly 750-year-old cedar tree grows. The tree is worshiped as a symbol of long life.

The ropeway’s gondola car received a brand-new design in 2021. Full-height windows now maximize enjoyment of the 360-degree panorama that unfolds around and beneath you.



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409-2524 Minobu, Minobu-cho, Minamikoma-gun

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