Takeda no Mori Forest Park

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On the north side of the Kofu Basin, Takeda no Mori Forest Park occupies a 2,500-hectare stretch of verdant woodland and runs from east to west, directly facing Mount Fuji. At an elevation of 350 to 1,200 meters and deeply entwined with the history of the Takeda clan that ruled the region from the twelfth through to the sixteenth century, the park enables visitors to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities amidst breathtaking scenery and historical remains.

So restorative is this natural environment that Takeda no Mori Forest Park even has an area called “Forest of Health.” Several hiking paths of different difficulty levels take in stunning views of Mt. Fuji across the valley, and these routes are also popular with trail runners. A camping zone is equipped with log cabins and comfortable barbecue facilities, while a dedicated cabin enables observation of insects and wild birds.

Takeda no Mori Forest Park also embraces a mindful approach to health, in which physical and mental wellness are treated as a single whole. From the Service Center, the park runs a Forest Therapy program. This involves expert guides leading participants through a series of activities designed to achieve rejuvenation and healing through stimulating the five senses. Programs vary in content, but a typical session might center upon “forest bathing” by laying down on the soft earth, followed by a healthy boxed lunch and a soak in a hot-spring bath.

The Service Center also functions as an information center for the Kobushi Biosphere Reserve, designated by UNESCO in June 2019.


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