Tokaichiba and Natsugari Springs

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The Tokaichiba and Natsugari Springs are a collection of more than 10 different springs originating from Mount Fuji some 30 kilometers away. When snow or rain falls on the slopes of the mountain, the water is filtered through many layers of volcanic ash and pebbles. On reaching an impenetrable rock layer, the water flows along for approximately 60 years before resurfacing in these springs.

The resulting water is remarkably clear and pure, with a near-constant year-round temperature of approximately 12°C. It is soft water, with low alkaline levels, and favored by local farmers for agricultural purposes. Crops that require clean, clear water to grow thrive because of these springs. For instance, one wasabi farm located at the base of the springs produces nearly three tons worth of roots each year. The constant water temperature also enables plants such as mizukakena, a variety of mustard green, to be grown and harvested in winter.

Visitors will notice vivid green plants resembling hundreds of soft calligraphy brushes, growing in the waterways fed by these springs. These are baikamo, a species of ranunculus whose flowers resemble tiny plum blossoms. They prefer constantly flowing cool water, and consequently thrive here.

A stroll through the area will take the visitor to a number of springs in various locations. At Chokeiji Temple, for instance, is a small altar dedicated to Yakushi, the Buddha of medicine and healing, beside one of the waterways. It is said that the waters here will cure or alleviate eye-related afflictions.


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Tokaichiba/Natsugari, Tsuru-shi

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