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I would like to extend a warm welcome as Governor of Yamanashi.
As of late, a new form of the infamous Corona Virus has been spreading rapidly through mainland China. We are sure that you have many concerns for your safety due to this infectious virus, but please be rest-assured as you travel through our prefecture.
While visiting Yamanashi, if ever the chance that you fall sick we invite you to make use of our fully prepared prefectural funded medical facilities and associations. If in the case that you feel your health deteriorating, without hesitation please consult with your hotel / accommodation staff or those nearby.
Our prefecture has set up an online service called Yamanashi Medical Net where you may easily search for a medical professional, as well as multilingual information that can assist you during a medical examination. Yamanashi prefecture has prepared an environment where you may consult trained professionals easily even if you do not speak Japanese.
Winter is the season where everything in the prefecture seems to glisten all the more beautifully, it is also one of the best times of year to get a view of Mt. Fuji’s peak. We hope that you safely spend your journey in Yamanashi basking in the rich atmosphere, scenery, food and culture that our prefecture has to offer.

 A warm welcome from the Governor of Yamanashi to travelers from mainland China.

Yamanashi Medical Net( External link )

For your safety(PDF:691KB)

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  • January 23, 2020


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