Road Station Kai Yamato

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Japanese “road stations” are unlike your typical highway rest stop. They are some of the best places to find local specialties, including food, crafts, and sightseeing information, providing a wealth of local experiences in a single place.

The large shop at Road Station Kai Yamato is similar to a farmer’s market, selling produce from the surrounding area. Koshu is famous for its grapes, persimmons, peaches, and cherries, meaning fresh fruit and a range of vegetables are plentiful and affordable. More portable options like jams and preserves are also available along with bottles of wine from local wineries.

There are plenty of other souvenirs on offer as well, including locally made confectionery, clothing, crafts, flowers, and even entire plants. Road Station Kai Yamato also features a small cafe serving Japanese staples such as udon noodles and rice bowls. There is a shop specializing in soba noodles that sells fresh, handmade soba made from locally grown buckwheat.



Venue Address

409-1203 2248 Yamatocho Hajikano, Koshu-shi

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