Utsubuna Park

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Utsubuna Park, situated on a high hill overlooking the Fujikawa River, is famed for the abundant hydrangeas that flower in it in early summer, transforming the park’s rolling slopes into a carnival of blues, purples, pinks, whites, and myriad hues in between. At any time of year though, unspoiled natural beauty and inspiring views make this 2.5-hectare attraction well worth a visit.

The park’s hydrangeas number around 30,000 and include roughly 90 varieties. They are an artwork-like labor of love cultivated by a team of dedicated volunteers. The hydrangea has deep cultural significance in Japan: the plant is said to have been first discovered in this country, and their flowering signifies the approaching end of the rainy season and the subsequent beginning of summer proper. Many people maintain that hydrangea flowers look their most beautiful when moist with raindrops, and to this, the mist that permeates Utsubuna Park during rainy season adds an enchanting effect.

The annual flowering is celebrated each year by the Nanbu Ajisai Festival held here in June, and the park is also popular for cherry-blossom viewing when its sakura trees bloom in spring. Elsewhere, play furniture and miniature tunnels through hills keep younger visitors happy.

Head to the park’s western side for great views over the river and toward the mountains beyond. This is also one of the best spots from which to marvel at the fireworks launched during the Nanbu Fire Festival each August.


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409-2305 3710-4 Utsubuna, Nanbu-cho, Minamikoma-gun

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