Wanitsuka no Sakura

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This sprawling Edo higan zakura cherry blossom tree has been designated a Natural Monument by the city of Nirasaki. Measuring 17 meters tall and with a trunk that is 3.6 meters around, the tree is estimated to be about 330 years old. There are local legends about the tree, including one story connecting it with one of Japan’s most popular folk heroes, Yamato Takeru, as the tree is said to mark the spot where his son, Takeda no Kimi, is buried.

From its position in the middle of the river terrace of the Kamanashi River, among the stepped rice paddies of Nirasaki, the Wanitsuka no Sakura offers stunning views on all sides. To the south, its hanging branches frame a view of Mount Fuji on clear days, making for a popular photo spot in spring, when the area is blanketed with pink cherry blossoms. To the north, the Yatsugatake Mountains, which mark the border between Yamanashi Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture, are also visible, meaning the Wanitsuka no Sakura is one of the best vantage points to see both mountains.

At night during cherry blossom season, the tree is illuminated, creating a fantastic, colorful sight. In early summer, when water is poured into the nearby rice fields and seedlings are planted, you can also enjoy the reflection of green leaves in the water. Even in winter, after its leaves fall, the tree stands resolutely in the snow until new buds appear. The peaceful surroundings and the natural beauty of the area make any visit a special experience.


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