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Area:Isawa/Katsunuma/Nishizawa Gorge

Miharashien offers fruit for picking throughout the year—strawberries from January to May, peaches from June to August, grapes from early August to late November, and apples from late October to late November. In spring, it commands a view of peach blossoms in full bloom.

The grand tourist farm accommodates 30 buses

A free shuttle bus runs between Isawa-Onsen Station and Miharashien.* Reservations required.

Restaurant with a splendid view

Peach picking in a lush green orchard





240 Ichinomiyacho-Tsuchizuka, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi


Nearest I.C.

5 min. from Ichinomiya Misaka IC / Katsunuma IC

Nearest station

15 min. by car from JR Isawa-Onsen Station

Nearest bus stop

Shimokuro Station North Bus Stop







Rest room 

Activities Program


List of hands-on programs, remarks

Fruit picking [Peach] Varieties: Hanayome, Chiyohime, Akatsuki, Hikawa Hakuho, Asama Hakuto, Kawanakajima Hakuto, Ichimiya Hakuto, Kanoiwa Hakuto, Misaka Hakuho, Yuzora, Nagasawa Hakuho, Ogonto, Natsukko, Yumeshizuku Fees: Ages 12 and up 1,200 yen / Ages 6–11 1,000 yen / Ages 3–5 600 yen / Ages 2 and under free Hours: 8:00–16:30 for 30 min. Japan's largest peach producing region invites you to try all the peaches you can eat for 30 minutes. We offer a range of varieties. (Picking times vary by variety.) Season: Approx. June 25–August 10. Inquire about in-season varieties. [Grape] Varieties: Delaware, King Delaware, Kyoho, Pione, Fujiminori, Tano Red, Kaiji, Muscat, Gorby, Koshu, Rosario Bianco, Bailey A, Italia Fees: [Regular grapes] Ages 12 and up 600 yen / Ages 6–11 500 yen / Ages 3–5 300 yen / Ages 2 and under free [High-grade grapes] Ages 12 and up 1,200 yen / Ages 6–11 1,000 yen / Ages 3–5 600 yen / Ages 2 and under free Hours: 8:00–16:30 for 30 min. Along with peaches, grapes are a signature fruit of Yamanashi. As with peaches, try all the grapes you can eat for 30 minutes. (Picking times vary by variety. Inquire about in-season varieties.) Season: Approx. July 25–November 20. [Strawberry] Varieties: Akihime, Benihoppe, Aiberry, Sachi-no-ka Fees: Ages 6 and up 1,000–1,800 yen / Ages 3–5 600–1,300 yen / Ages 2 and under free Hours: 9:00–15:30 Strawberries are grown high above the ground, so they can be picked standing up. The farm is open in all weather conditions. Stroller and wheelchair accessible. Enjoy a range of strawberry varieties. Season: January–May [Apple] Varieties: Fuji, Senshu Fees: Ages 12 and up 600 yen / Ages 6–11 500 yen / Ages 3–5 300 yen / Ages 2 and under free Hours: 8:00–16:30 How about picking both grapes and apples? We offer all the popular Fuji variety apples you can eat. Season: Approx. October 20–November 20 [Agriculture experience] Experience cultivating peaches, grapes, apples, and strawberries. By reservation only.

Can be enjoyed in wet weather


Facilities List

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Miharashien Co., Ltd.

Telephone number


Fax number



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Time required

40 minutes

Opening Days

Year round except New Year holidays (December 26–January 7)

Opening Hours

8:00–17:00 (reception closes at 16:00)

Closing Days



Peach: Adults: 1,350 yen, Children (Ages 4–12): 1,100 yen
High-grade grape: Adults: 1,350 yen、Children (Ages 4–12): 1,100 yen
Regular grape: Adults: 850 yen、Children (Ages 4–12): 720 yen
Apple: Adults: 850 yen、Children (Ages 4–12): 720 yen


View of The Southern Alps  Stunning night view 


Service in other languages is available

Foreign language assistance

English |Chinese

Type of foreign language assistance

Chinese interpretation

Other foreign languages

Interpreter for Chinese customers

Universal Design

Wheelchair user participation  Rest room for wheelchair users  New Barrier-free Law compliant building  

Others(Pets allowed)

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