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Hot springs(Isawa Onsen, Koshu and Winery Area)

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Koyu-Kan Inn

Be apart from the city and enjoy nature and have a…

Koshu City Yamato-Tenmokuzan-Onsen (Hot Spring) Yamato-Fureai-Yasuragi Center

The hot spa located at 1,000 meters above the sea …

Kasugai Footbath Facility

The foot bath located in front of kasugai Station …

Footbath in Fruit Park

Please relax with authentic footbath of hot spring…

Koshu City Koryu-Hoyo ( Interactual & Rest) center Daibosatsu-no-yu

Daibosatsuno-yu is the most recommended spa as a h…

Ahiyu Footbath at Isawa-Onsen Station-mae Park

The footbath in front of Isawaonsen Station which …

Isawa Kobayashi Park Foot-bath Isawa-yado

Foot bath where near the high way bus-stop.

Meiseki-no-Yado Kagetsu (Japanese style-Inn)

As you feel the beauty of the season and the warmt…

Isawa-cho Fureai-center Nagomino-yu

Relax leisurely. Have a healthy cozy moment.

Misakano-yu Hot Spring

The day-trip hot spring having the theme of rose.


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