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Activities(Minami Alps and Kuonji Temple Area)

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Nakatomi Washi-no-Sato

“Nakatomi Washi-no-Sato,” located near the rich cl…

Nakagomi Orchard

Nakagomi Orchard (Fruit picking farm)

Weeping Cherry Trees at Kuon-ji Temple, Mt. Minobu

The area around Mt. Minobu Kuon-ji Temple was one …

Seasonal Cooking Classes - Tsukutabekan

Seasonal cooking classes (reservation required) ar…

Amehata Suzuri-no-Sato ‘Kensho-an’

At the beginning of the Edo Period, a solid black …

Mori-no-Kyoshitsu - Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute

The facility includes a woodworking classroom, stu…