Kanazakura Shrine and Meotogi Shrine

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Kanazakura Shrine

Said to have been established roughly 2,000 years ago, Kanazakura Shrine is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Yamanashi. It is dedicated to the deity of Mount Kinpu and the main shrine stands at the top of the mountain, while a village shrine is on the mountainside above the Shosenkyo Gorge. The sacred cedar trees on either side of the 266-step staircase up to the shrine are thought to be 700 to 800 years old. Between the towering trees and sweeping views of the valley below, the shrine is breathtaking.

Yamanashi is famous for its crystals and the shrine’s sacred treasure is a collection of large crystal balls. The main sanctuary (honden), which is behind the larger worship hall (haiden), is not open to visitors. However, on the pillars of the main sanctuary, visible from the side of the building, are two dragon sculptures, one ascending and the other descending, clasping crystal balls in their tails.

Beside the main sanctuary is a sacred cherry tree from which the shrine gets its name. The Kanazakura tree blooms from late April to early May each year, attracting many visitors for its distinctive golden blossoms. The tree is said to have been planted by the legendary warrior prince Yamato Takeru.

Kanazakura Shrine is also popular for its traditional New Year’s Eve rituals and scenic views of the surrounding valley. There is a lookout point 20 minutes’ walk up the mountain, accessible via a paved trail.

Meotogi Shrine

Meotogi Shrine stands on Mount Kinpu, at one end of the Shosenkyo Gorge. The shrine grounds are filled with colorful blue azaleas in spring and fiery red and orange maple leaves in autumn.

The shrine is dedicated to fertility and childbirth and is famous for its sacred horse chestnut tree, which is behind the main sanctuary (honden). The tree is more than 1,000 years old and is revered as a fusion of male and female symbols. It is possible to visit the tree for a small fee.


Venue Address

Kanazakura Shrine:
2347 Mitakecho, Kofu-shi

Meotogi Shrine:
2041 Mitakecho, Kofu-shi

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