Sengataki Waterfall

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The Sengataki Waterfall is located at the foot of the towering Kakuenpo rock formation in Shosenkyo Gorge. While Kakuenpo is the symbol of the gorge, Sengataki is one of its most popular attractions. Formed by erosion across a fault line due to deformation in the Earth’s crust, the waterfall is roughly 30 meters tall and marks one end of the gorge. Visitors can reach it via a one-and-a-half-hour walk along Shosenkyo Gorge from the Nagatorobashi Bridge or a five-minute downhill walk from the northern edge of the gorge.

Fed by fresh mountain water, Sengataki flows year-round. The flow is heaviest in summer, but the scene is particularly beautiful in winter, when the falls are flanked by snow-capped rocks and icicles, and in autumn, when the surrounding maple trees turn brilliant red and orange. On sunny days, lucky visitors may catch a glimpse of a rainbow formed by the rushing water above the river.


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400-1214 Takanaricho, Kofu-shi

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