Road Station Doshi

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The Doshi area’s roadside rest and shopping area offers the visitor beautiful river views, accessible restrooms, 200 parking spaces, and much more.

Delicious discoveries await at the shop in the main building, which sells freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, as well as local shochu (distilled potato liquor), local honey, ready-to-eat condiments, and all manner of souvenirs. Doshi is especially famous for watercress, better known by the French name cresson in Japan. Besides the peppery greens themselves, Road Station Doshi also sells a variety of foods incorporating watercress, such as ice cream and fresh udon noodles.

Adjacent to the souvenir shop is a restaurant serving homey dishes, including some incorporating locally grown watercress, plus several kinds of noodles, baked goods, salads, and soft serve ice cream.



Venue Address

402-0219 9745 Doshi-mura, Minamitsuru-gun

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