Tsuru Alps

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Stretching along the eastern side of the city of Tsuru are around 8 kilometers of hills and mountains, of elevations varying between 500 and 650 meters. In 2017, a local hiking club in the city finished creating a series of clearly marked hiking trails across the hills, and named them the Tsuru Alps.

The entire length of the trail is slightly more than 10 kilometers and takes around 5 and a half hours to complete in its entirety, making for an excellent day hike. En route, there are eight trails leading off the hills, meaning that walkers are able to truncate their hike at their own discretion. The trails vary in difficulty, but there are generally routes to suit walkers of all abilities.

The route passes by numerous scenic spots, including an observation deck with views of Mount Fuji, a panoramic viewpoint, the remains of a watchtower from the Warring States period (1467-1568), and the Sumiyoshi Shinto shrine. In spring, the section of trail near Rakuyama Park is well worth visiting for its splendid cherry blossoms. During the rainy season, pale blue hydrangeas bloom throughout it.

While black bear sightings are uncommon along the Tsuru Alps, hikers are advised to take suitable precautions, such as wearing a bear bell or carrying bear spray on their person.


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