Road Station Nanbu

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Japan has a nationwide network of “road stations”—facilities that in one convenient location introduce the culture of their respective regions while offering a safe and comfortable space to park, rest, eat, and pick up tourist information and souvenirs.

Road Station Nanbu is designated Yamanashi Prefecture’s 21st facility of its kind, and is also twenty-first century in architectural style. Opened in 2018, its low-lying profile emphasizes the magnificence of the surrounding mountains while containing plenty of space in which to showcase all that Yamanashi and neighboring Shizuoka Prefecture have to offer. This road station focuses on both prefectures because it is located close to the border with Shizuoka.

One of the keys to understanding any local culture is through its food and drink. To this end, Road Station Nanbu’s twin buildings, along with the outdoor market-style space underneath the arched awning that links them, sell a wide selection of the many foodstuffs this region is known for. Yamanashi specialties include Nanbu tea, the emblematic shingen mochi rice cakes, extra-long otsuka carrots, jars of sliced and boiled bamboo shoots, and natural wines.

This rich culinary culture can also be sampled in the cafeteria, where a contemporary design is informed by traditional Japanese aesthetics. Road Station Nanbu hosts frequent events introducing aspects of the local culture, and staff are on hand to give expert guidance on sightseeing spots and route planning.



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409-2211 3034-1 Nakano, Nanbu-cho, Minamikoma-gun

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