Road Station Tomizawa

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Japan has a nationwide network of “road stations”—facilities that in one convenient location introduce the culture of their respective regions while offering a safe and comfortable space to park, rest, eat, and pick up tourist information and souvenirs.

Road Station Tomizawa in the town of Nanbu is distinguished by the 13.5-meter-high bamboo shoot standing tall outside the facility. Nanbu is a noted producer of bamboo shoots, and a bamboo shoot festival is held around Nanbu City Hall each April, when the crop is harvested. As well as signposting the roadside station to drivers some way down the highway, this towering vegetable invites visitors inside to sit and rest. Just adjacent is a free, 24-hour parking area.

Inside the main building, a food market offers an extensive range of local specialties including sweets made with Yamanashi Prefecture’s famed grapes and peaches; tori-motsuni (stewed chicken guts); wines from Yamanashi’s acclaimed wineries; and of course those emblematic bamboo shoots.

This rich culinary culture can be sampled on-the-spot too. A cafeteria serves staple dishes made with local ingredients, such as udon noodles, curry over rice, and uma-don (horse meat over rice), along with coffee, tea, and soft drinks.

Elsewhere a crafts corner sells traditional goods made by local artisans, and free-of-charge pamphlets offer in-depth information on nearby attractions.



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409-2102 28507-1 Fukushi, Nanbu-cho, Minamikoma-gun

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