KEEP - Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project

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KEEP (Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project) is a lodging facility that was opened in Kiyosato Highland in 2000 by the public utility foundation, and a camp site with a history of over 51 years where school students can stay together in a camp and learn how to live in nature. The facility is also available for lodging only.


Venue Address

407-0301 3545 Kiyosato, Takane-cho, Hokuto City

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Other Indoor Activities

  • Hokuto Archaeological Museum is surrounded by local history, and its collection covers items found in what is now the city of Hokuto, extending from Japan’s Paleolithic period (beginning around 40,000 BCE) to the Warring States period (1467-1568).

  • The Kawamatagawa Valley is one of the most popular nature spots in Yamanashi Prefecture. Named for the Kawamatagawa River that runs through it, the valley is filled with trees and is home to attractions such as the famous Doryu Falls and the Higashizawa Bridge.

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    Doryu Falls

    Doryu Falls is considered the most beautiful waterfall in the Kawamatagawa Valley. The name Doryu means “Spitting Dragon Mouth” and, with water flowing in multiple paths down moss-covered rocks, it is not hard to imagine it gushing from the mouth of a dragon.

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