Doryu Falls

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Doryu Falls is considered the most beautiful waterfall in the Kawamatagawa Valley, which is at the southern foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains. Measuring about 15 meters wide and 10 meters high, the waterfall has inspired several artworks and has even appeared in the opening credits of a Japanese weekly TV drama. The name Doryu means “Spitting Dragon Mouth” and, with water flowing in multiple paths down moss-covered rocks, it is not hard to imagine it gushing from the mouth of a dragon. Despite its fearsome name, Doryu Falls is famous for the silk-like quality of its clear water in contrast to taller, louder waterfalls. The secluded spot is an ideal place to relax, as the sound of the rushing water creates an atmosphere of natural calm.

Doryu Falls is accessible via a short 10-minute walk from the parking lot. The path winds through the forest, going under a railway bridge and crossing the Kawamatagawa River via a narrow bridge. The soothing sound of the fresh water flowing down from the mountain makes the falls popular at any time of year. However, they are particularly picturesque in autumn when the trees turn red and gold and falling leaves blanket the river. There is lush greenery in early summer, while in winter, icicles form in the falls and snow is caught in the moss and trees. Doryu Falls is on a roughly 2.8-kilometer walking trail through the Kawamatagawa Valley leading to the arched red Higashizawa Bridge.


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Oizumicho Nishiide, Hokuto-shi

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