Daibosatsu no Yu

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Located at the foot of Mount Daibosatsu, this hot-spring (onsen) spa has a stunning view of the surrounding forest. On a clear day, it is possible to see all the way to the Southern Alps. The old-fashioned bathhouse sits beside the Omo River and is near the Daibosatsu Pass trailhead, the beginning of the hiking trail up the mountain.

Daibosatsu no Yu is not only popular with locals and weary mountain climbers. The spa’s natural hot-spring water is famous for its silky smooth texture and high alkaline content, with a pH of 10.05. It has one of the highest hydrogen ion concentrations of any hot spring in the world. There is a sauna and indoor and outdoor baths, so visitors can enjoy the water and the tranquil mountain views at the same time. The open-air bath has a spectacular nighttime view of the Kofu Basin.

The quaint half-timbered main building houses a gift shop, which sells fruits and preserves from local farms. Koshu is particularly known for its grapes, persimmons, and peaches. There is also local wine and other food and drink on offer, plus a rest area to sit and take in the scenery.



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404-0026 730-1 Enzan Kamiodawara, Koshu-shi

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